Green Park - Eco Gully 3rd Release Info

Precinct 7.1 (Lots 901 - 1000 as well as Lots 9009 & 1010)

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The 3rd Eco Gully Release was the fifth release in Green Park Village, it was first released to the market in February 2015.  It provides an alternative for those not looking for a body corporate or CMS option.

This stage consists of 103 Lots numbered from 901 - 1001 as well as 1009 & 1010.   All of these lots have received title registration.  

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3rd eco gully release survey plans
Survey Plans Download the 3rd Eco Gully Release Survey Plans Here Download Survey Plans
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Design Guidelines Download the Design Guidelines Here Download Design Guidelines
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Application & Bond Forms Download the Application & Bond Forms Here Covenant Application & Bond Form